Exam Preparation, Coaching, and Consulting

Please Note: Due to the current situation with COVID-19, I am offering Telehealth video therapy sessions via a HIPAA-compliant videoconferencing service. If interested, please let me know or click here for more information.

Student Consultation

I offer counseling and psychotherapy students assistance in meeting the challenges of being in graduate school while coping with careers, families, and daily life, including help for those seeking to reduce anxiety, improve relationships, and increase meaning in life, while coping with the challenges of higher education.

  • Know and Feel Comfortable with Your Strengths and Abilities;
  • Look at School Challenges, Learning Styles, Time Management, Relationships, and Careers;
  • Understand Your Ever-Changing Roles in Life;
  • Create Meaning in Your Life; and
  • Use Relaxation, Guided Imagery, and even Hypnosis Techniques to Reduce Stress and Test-Taking Anxiety.

For more information contact:

Haleh Rambod, MFT – Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
(209) 850-9023

2930 Geer Road, #115-D, Turlock, CA 95382

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