Humanistic, Transpersonal, & Existential Counseling and Psychotherapy

Please Note: Due to the current situation with COVID-19, I am offering Telehealth video therapy sessions via a HIPAA-compliant videoconferencing service. If interested, please let me know or click here for more information.

Humanistic Counseling Turlock, Transpersonal Therapist Turlock, Merced and Modesto, CA, California - Haleh Rambod, MFTMy approach to counseling and psychotherapy is to offer an insight-oriented, highly empathic, humanistic approach that tends to look beyond the medical models of many other psychological and psychiatric theories in order to focus on helping clients achieve a stronger and healthier sense of self.

In fact, helping clients achieve an increased sense of self – commonly referred to as self-actualization – is one of the guiding principles of the work I do.

Due to this focus, the counseling and psychotherapy services I provide are often especially beneficial for people who are looking to overcome obstacles in the present, as opposed to working on resolving issues that occurred in the distant past.

I also take a holistic view with my clients, tending to see each individual’s personality as being composed of physical, intellectual, emotional, behavioral, creative, and spiritual elements.

In order to help clients fully realize their capacities for self-actualization, I work with them to replace and remove the attitudes, behaviors, and beliefs that aren’t producing a positive state of being and integrate the various components of their unique personalities so that each individual is more self-aware, mature, and authentic.

As a humanistic, transpersonal, and existential counselor and psychotherapist, I incorporate hypnotherapy and a variety of other psychotherapy techniques I’ve learned from working closely with numerous practitioners and experts in the field, including:

  • Training in eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR) from Laurel Parnell;
  • Sand play therapy from Marvin Kalf in Zurich, Switzerland; and
  • Jungian psychology and dream analysis from Jeremy Taylor.

I am mindful of the current life situation of my clients, the life history of each person, and the role our thoughts, feelings, and beliefs have in how we respond to, and create, our life experiences.

While humanistic, transpersonal, and existential counseling and therapy may be inappropriate for some people with substance abuse issues and severe personality disorders, almost everyone can benefit from more fully exploring their own potential, as well as increasing their self-acceptance, personal wholeness, and positive state of being.

Humanistic, transpersonal, and existential therapy present an opportunity for you to better know yourself and feel more comfortable, optimistic, and authentic in your relationships with others and with life in general.

If you’re looking to gain a better understanding of yourself and what makes life meaningful for you, as well as overcome obstacles and achieve your goals, the in-person and online counseling and psychotherapy services I offer can help!

For more information or to schedule an initial consultation, please feel free to contact me:

Haleh Rambod, MFT – Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
(209) 850-9023

2930 Geer Road, #115-D, Turlock, CA 95382

Haleh Rambod, MFT – Existential Counseling and Humanistic Psychotherapy provided by an Existential and Transpersonal Therapist in Turlock, Merced and Modesto, CA, California

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